Every club presently in the Premier League will have had some kind of history to speak of. Even the youngest team in the top-flight will have had several decades to draw on, with many highs and lows leading up to the current season. For the football anorak, there’s so much to remember about their favourite team, but which set of fans are the most knowledgeable.

A quiz asking how well do you know your team was created by Ladbrokes to find this out. A series of questions about each team in this season’s Premier League spanned each side’s entire history, asking fans about everything from memorable games and trophy wins to record signings and all-time leading goalscorers. A look at which set of fans performed the best yielded a surprise result.

Soaring Eagles

All season long, they’ve been battling to avoid dropping back into the second tier, but Crystal Palace fans are the most knowledgeable if the quiz stats are anything to go by. Eagles fans are the only group of supporters who have managed to score 7/10 on average, a full point ahead of a handful of sides posting scores of a reasonable 6/10.

Right at the bottom of the table are Stoke City, whose average score right now is a paltry three out of 10 correct answers. The Potters are one of the league’s older teams, but aside from the Stanley Matthews era and their current top-flight spell, they have spent a lot of time going between the divisions, something few of the Britannia Stadium faithful are likely to remember.

Strugglers showing their brains

Looking at those just behind Palace in the table, many of them are in a similar position on the pitch. Also, like the Eagles, they have had as many ups as downs, something which can be said of Hull City and Southampton. Meanwhile, the bottom half of the knowledge table is populated by big teams with regular success like Arsenal and Chelsea.

When it came to getting the perfect score, Hull City fans came out on top. An astonishing 16% of Tigers fans got all 10 questions right. Palace, Cardiff City and Manchester City saw more than one in 10 fans achieve perfection. Unsurprisingly, Stoke came top in respect of the number of fans failing to get anything right, with 3% getting a big fat zero!