The decisions of the judges on the field in any game can change the result of the match. Thus in the modern age, the use of technology has become prevalent to give cent percent correct decisions.

But still, the controversies related to these decisions taken using the technologies are never beyond argument, and the it seems the rows over the use of VAR in the top divisions is not going to go away.

Leeds United are the latest club that are going to write a letter to the Premier League Officials about the controversial decision that went against them and resulted in their defeat against Crystal Palace. The week was not in favor of Leeds United as the experts ruled against them, and they were consigned to face two losses in consecutive matches within one week. This has made their journey to establishing themselves in the Premier League that little bit harder.

The controversy arose while Patrick Bamford was ruled offside by the referee and his equalizer was denied by the match officials. At the time, Leeds were struggling so there were very good odds on Leeds equalising, with giving them odds of 3-1 to score the next goal. Bamford waves his hand to indicate that he wanted a throughball from his midfield teammate so that he could hav a chance to score. But while he received the pass, the Video Assistant Referee indicated that he was offside – because the tip of his fingers (he was pointing remember) were in an offside position, even though the rest of his body was a good deal behind the defenders.

The manager of Leeds United refused to make any comment on the controversial decision (he would have been punished if he has said what he really thought!) but the grudges from the fans and the players are not getting down.

As per the report from a trusted source from the club, they are going to write a letter to the officials of the English Premier League so that they can describe the Video Assistant Referee rules more clearly. According to Leeds United, they are not talking against the decision of the referee but they are not satisfied with the causes shown to them for the decision that went against them. It is nothing but on the impact of the VAR technology on the game that they are trying to bring into the notice of the league officials.