Not too long ago Barcelona FC was under investigation following the transfer of Neymar and after weeks of speculation and rumors, it was finally revealed that the Spanish club had actually paid more money than what they had initially announced. Pressure began building up around some staff members of the club which ultimately led to Sandro Rossell deciding to step down from his role of being the president of Barcelona FC.

This time around, the Spanish club has been hit with a transfer ban that will not allow them to neither sell nor buy new players for the upcoming 14 months after investigations were concluded and revealed that Barcelona FC had breached a rule of international transfers.

This ban puts into question what the coach Gerardo Martino is going to do concerning the goalkeeper position in the squad which is currently being fulfilled by Victor Valdes and Pinto Colorado.  Barcelona’s ability to get a keeper in looks like it might have the same 50:50 chance as half the games!

Valdes has proven for the past few seasons that he can live up to the stage but he revealed his intentions of leaving the club at the end of the season and Pinto is not at the same level as his teammates around him which is why Barcelona have been looking around in the transfer market for someone who can replace Valdes and they managed to agree terms with Marc-Andre ter Stegen from Borussia Monchengladbach as he will be joining Barcelona at the end of the current season.

However if Barcelona is now unable to either sell or buy players, the transfer involving Andre ter Stegen will not happen. The 21 years old goalkeeper has revealed his desire to leave the German club in the summer and his agent stated that despite what happens involving Barcelona, his client will continue playing at a club.

“You can be sure Ter Stegen will not be unemployed. I’m not a lawyer but the question is if already done deals are affected or not.  I know Marc-Andre still has a contract with Borussia Mönchengladbach but I can’t imagine he wants to stay longer.” Ter Stegen’s agent Gerd vom Bruch stated.