The new football season has started, which for many hard-core fans means one thing – travelling around the country to different grounds. The thrill of visiting a different stadium is one that football fans experience more than supporters of any other sport, but finding their way to, say, Rodney Parade or Field Mill can be a little difficult.

Away days to remember?

If you’re planning to follow your team away from home for the first time, you might need to brush up on your football grounds. This new quiz from Ladbrokes can help you if you’re planning to travel the length and breadth of England and Wales!

How Guess the Ground works is that you’re given a series of aerial shots of football stadiums from all four leagues, and you have to guess which stadium it is. You can then share your score via social media channels and show your mates if you’re a footy buff or a novice who belongs in the prawn sandwich brigade!

Some of the answers in the game might surprise you, as many grounds look pretty similar to each other. It can be hard to tell, say, the Ricoh Arena and the Madejski Stadium apart, while some of the older grounds like Goodison Park look pretty unique.   Good luck!