As England’s youngsters crash out of the one remaining football competition of the season, we’re now only left with the highlights of the season just gone to entertain us (not that the England U21s gave us much in terms of excitement and entertainment!)

Having watched countless hours of football over the last 9 months, I thought I’d give you the benefit of my experience, by hand-picking the top 3 goals of the season.

On every ‘Goal of the Month’ competition there was always a team-goal, and this is it for me. Whilst I am a massive admirer of the bang-it-in-from-40-yards-like-Tony-Yeaboah style goals, I can see the beauty in goals that have been crafted by four or five players each doing their own part exceptionally well – as is the case in this one.

Rooney smashes the ball forward, where it gets picked up by Valencia, who plays it back to Rafael, who swings in a cross to the far post to Ryan Giggs, who plays a first-time low ball back across the net to Van Persie, who just happens to be in exactly the right place at exactly the right time to tap it in. Epic!

I’ll be posting my top two goals next week, but you’re welcome to give me your thoughts / recommendations – tell me on twitter – @ftbllr