Vicente Del Bosque discloses that an approach had been made to him a few days back and it was about the proposition of a managerial stint in China, but, he didn’t bother getting any details of it before declining it.

The Chinese Premier Division is increasing its stature in the Football industry every season by literally dragging the big coaches and players towards it on the power of the money and Del Bosque was another name it was supposed to get hold of. But, Del Bosque told the Football news at Bethut, he is at that stage of his life where he would not commit to such propositions for his disinterest in cash.

He was quoted as saying “Yes, an enquiry had come, but, I didn’t stretch the conversation any bit because I knew I couldn’t get on board. So, it was a ‘No Thank You’ and end of the story. I can’t tell you with conviction if I had been wanted for any of the league sides or for Chinese senior men’s side. But, whatever it would have been, it was still not going to change my answer as I have made up my mind that I will not go anywhere and will stay home. I don’t want to be away from Spain.”

“It’s not that I have never worked in any other country, I definitely have, but, at a different time of my life. This is a different time when cash is not relevant to me and I am not going to be driven by cash.”

On asked about the man whom he vacated his chair for, if he is at par with him or not, that is Lopetegui, Del Bosque said, “See, comparing someone to someone is not my favourite hobby. But, he’s been good, very good.”

China has become an attractive destination for managers and players alike following a surge of funding into the Chinese Super League. $350 million has been spent on players and managers this season in China. It has seen the likes of Demba Ba, Tim Cahill, Gervinho, Sven-Goran Eriksson and Luiz Felipe Scolari. All have seen huge contract deals that have left them on similar wages to some of Europe’s top players. Demba Ba for example has been given a $6.7million per year contract.