If you don’t already know or still haven’t heard of Sky’s Super 6 then you’re pretty much missing out on a weekly ritual that could pay you a nice little weekly earner.

Super 6 is a free game offered by Sky Bet and allows for a free entry into picking the correct scores for the weekend’s football games. Not all of them, just a select 6 chosen by Sky Bet themselves, usually an hour or so after the previous round finishes.

Where do you go to pick your scores?

If you’ve the knowledge and skills to come up with the predictions then go for it. If you are, then you’re probably a football pundit too, who’s lucky enough to be able to watch all the top English teams each week.

The Super 6 guys are smart, they’ll often throw in a championship team that can make the prediction a little bit tricky. Hey, but if you know football you’ll also know that there’s rarely a game that doesn’t result in an unpredictable score-line.

We go online and read as many match previews from as many unbiased outlets as possible. We then have a little chat about each game, he’s in, who scored against them, who’s got the allegiances. It’s amazing how deep you can go at times and still not always got anywhere near the actual result, we love the sport though.

Advice when picking the scores?

This is where it gets tricky. The game itself, once played, isn’t difficult and can result in some nice entertainment, especially if mid-way through Saturday afternoon your results are still looking possible.

So, how do you go about picking scores? Well, it’s good to know recent performance of the teams involved. You’ll find football previews abound but for impartial and insightful advice check out the super6 tips over at FootyAccas Super6 page.  You’ll not only find solid footballing tips but, footballing previews for a little bit of added insight and exploration in to form too.

As mentioned above, the teams that go in the Super 6 are usually selected a good week before they play. This means you get a good week to check out the form, injury worries and likely players to start the game. With all this knowledge, you may start to formulate your own game outcome predictions, picking the scores will require an element of luck. After all, it is football and it is certainly a funny old game.