As we seek to find some way, any way, to turn our young footballers into the next Xavi’s, Iniesta’s and co so we can emulate the current Spanish side in a few years time, it’s vital that our young players are brought up the right way with the right equipment.

It’s very easy to go out and buy a goal for the back garden and any old football for them to kick around, but many people aren’t aware that there are currently regulations in place that dictate the size of the equipment and facilities they play with, and also the number of people on each team.

When they’re young, at around under 8 level, it’s vital that they learn their technique over anything else. It’s great to have the ambition to be the next Cristiano Ronaldo with all the tricks, but if you can’t control the ball and play a simple pass it’s all going to be wasted. This handy infograpic bought to you by The Soccer Store shows the development path for our young footballers, hoping to turn average Joe into a global superstar by the time they reach the age of 18 and playing on full size pitches, with full size equipment in eleven-a-side games.