Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry who is currently working as a pundit has said that fans have every right to boo the team. This statement came after the home loss against Liverpool which saw Arsenal beaten 3-4 on their home ground. He said that he did not understand how the club is being run at the moment.

The French striker said that the Arsenal board stated that the club had money to invest in new players, but so far there has only been one player that has signed for the Gunners. He said that the board should issue a statement about what is happening at the club. Either there is money to invest in new players or there is not. He believes that the club needs to invest massively if they are to challenge the other clubs for the title.

The former Arsenal player said that the fans had every right to boo the team as they expect a lot from their team. He said that it is not normal that they pay one of the most expensive tickets in the Premier League and yet the club have only recruited one player. He said that he perfectly understands the fans and that the club and Arsene Wenger have some explanations to do. With Arsenal currently topping the table you could do worse than putting some money on them winning the title, or maybe taking advantage of probably the leading industry free bet, but the fact that fans are unhappy with the ambition of the club shows just how difficult they are to please!

Other pundits believe that the problem is more profound than those and that the club is being run as a business. They believe that the owners do not have any ambitions and are happy just to see the club participate in the Champions League. They think that fans should pressurize the club in investing in new players if they want the club to move forward. Otherwise, it may be a long and sorrowful season for the Gunners.

So far, there is no bid that has been made for new players and it is expected that the same group of players will face Leicester City next week.