Sir Alex Ferguson has stated that Jose Mourinho might find it hard to bring a Tottenham Hotspurs player to Old Trafford.

He said that he has always found it hard to deal with the London club and he does not think that it will be different this time around.

He remembers the time where he was trying to sign Michael Carrick from Tottenham Hotspurs and said that it was not an easy task. He said that so many times he thought that the deal was close to being finalized only to find out that the Spurs chairman wanted more money.

Sir Alex Ferguson said that negotiating with the Spurs chairman was one of the toughest moments of his management career and he believes that Mourinho will also have a hard time doing so.

Indeed the Portuguese manager has indicated that he might be interested in signing Tottenham Hotspurs player Eric Dier. Mourinho believes that the player has the necessary quality to improve Manchester United and has stated that he will make a move for the player in the summer.

Jose Mourinho has also shown sign of interest in Harry Kane as well.

However, Ferguson believes that the Portuguese manager may have a hard time in bringing these players to Tottenham Hotspurs as their chairman is someone that is hard in business. He thinks that Daniel Levy is trying hard to build a strong team for Tottenham Hotspurs and that he will like to hold on to his best players for as long as he can.

He said that Mourinho would have to be pretty convincing with his plans for Manchester United if he wants to bring Spurs best players to Old Trafford next season as the London team has been quite consistent so far themselves this season.