Sergio Aguero can’t believe that the condition of the ground where an international game between Chile and Argentina is to take place is in such a poor condition – saying that it’s definitely going to put the players from both sides in risk of injury.

However, there is a sense of optimism among the Argentinean players that the grounds men would do something and find some sort of way to get the conditions a little better.

Those players who play in European countries, play on far softer pitches, and Aguero is of course one of them. They will be more in discomfort as they are not used to such sorts of surfaces at all. Bare surfaces obviously trouble any player, but, those who play locally might have the habit of playing on similar surfaces. It’s not the calibre of pitch Aguero is used to, though it didn’t stop Messi against Bolivia.

The pitch would actually not have been as bad as it is. It’s because of a concert organized at it some time back that it got damaged and then there was some heavy downpour for a couple of days as well worsening the conditions and leaving it in an awful state.

Aguero, who has already been having problems with injuries lately, would hope to come out of this game without any severe damage to any of his body parts and so would his teammates. And, not only the players themselves, but, the fans of the clubs whom they play for; they would also be hoping the same as some of them are pretty significant players at their respective clubs. Manchester City Fans in particular will be concerned, given that they are odds-on to miss out on one of the Champions League spots according to one of the best bonus sites!

Aguero was taken aback once he had a look at the ground yesterday.  The striker said, “It is far from ideal for a Football game really, quite unusual. Let’s hope it is bettered in the time remaining.”