Somewhere in Manchester a whole board of Directors is cringing at the missed opportunity, and the mistake they made when they chose to give the vacant managerial position to a certain David Moyes, instead of the Special One.

Whilst the ‘Chosen One’ has managed to run United down into the ground, spend £64m on two players that United didn’t need, fire most of the back-room staff, and generally bring a fever of discontent to the players, Jose Mourinho has instilled a new sense of purpose to his adopted Chelsea side, and has them competing at the very top of the league.

With Vidic and Ferdinand set to leave the club at the end of the season because they are out of contract, Rooney pushing for a move away with just a year to go, and Evra being pushed to the sidelines by Moyes’s insistence that he needs to spend £17m on a 30 year old left-back from Everton, it seems that Moyes will be doing his best to dismantle the team again in the summer.  Add into that the rumours that Nani, Anderson, Kagawa, RVP and a host of others are keen to move on, and suddenly you can see why getting the Champions League this seson is so important – without United face a particularly uncertain future!

Whilst all this has been happening in Manchester, the man who was supposedly ‘devastated’ by the news of Moyes’ appointment has done a quiet job of creating another Chelsea team in his image.  He’s won the tactics game again and again (most recently proven when the Blues faced City and came out smiling), and has actually managed to make a profit in the latest transfer window by getting rid of two fringe players and bringing in the furture defensive core of the team, and the ‘Egyptian Messi’.

I said back in May that Moyes was a ridiculous choice for the United job, and that it was a chance missed, and it is certainly looking that way now – even if the deterioration has happened a lot faster than I had anticipated.

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