This is it, the moment we’ve been waiting almost four years for!  The World Cup has finally arrived.  You’re all ready – you’ve got beer in the fridge, crisps and nuts on tap, your iPhone apped up with the latest offerings from the bookmakers, a brand new HD 1,500,000 pixel TV – but then you realise you’ve left something out – you’ve only gone and forgotten to get your Caxirola out!?

Yes, this is the new bit of tat that is probably making someone in China soon very rich indeed!  It’s made out of cheap plastic, resembles some kind of grenade, and is being declared the ‘son of vuvuzela’ – the dreadful horn that took over TV sets in South Africa 2010.

Whilst last time’s incarnation sounded like a swarm of bees, this one goes for a much more friendly rattle snake tone when you shake it.  It still has that irritating sound that will drown out the commentators (whether its for the good of mankind or not!)

God help us.

PS.  Just bought mine off eBay for £4!  I honestly can’t help myself!