It won’t be long before we’re all complaining about there being too much football on TV (especially with BT planning to give some of the top games away for free to its users), but for now we’re all looking for our latest fix.

The Confederations Cup gave us something to do in the evenings for a short period of time and was the best on record – it’s fast turning into a proper tournament like the FIFA World Club Cup – but with the season not due to start for another 4 weeks, we need to find something new. Step forward ladies football.

Women’s football has come on leaps and bounds in the last 10 years, and is widely claimed to be the fastest growing sport worldwide, though from a base of zero its probably quite easy to get 1000% growth year on year without actually breaking into people’s consciousness.

Whilst I can’t say I know any of the players, I will probably be watching. How sad is that?! Whilst I am all for equality, and am hoping to be proved wrong, I think most of us will be tuning in to be entertained at just how bad the women are, and how much worse they are than their male counterparts. Admittedly they don’t have the big money of the men’s game, and many will be semi-pro, but it’s always funny to see women playing sport. They are often backed to the hilt by feminists, only for everyone to realise that men can simply do it that much better, and maybe pushing a few million quid the way of women’s football will be a bit of a waste!

I have seen two games of women’s football ever – one was when the Women’s FA Cup Final was stuck on instead of Neighbours by the BBC (back in my University days), and the other was at the Olympics. Both had some pretty desperate errors, especially from the goalkeepers, who seem to think that they should flap at the ball rather than try to hold on to it? Where male goalkeepers would be absolutely slaughtered by Hansen and co, I think they wheeled out some female ex-pro who tried to make the best of it by saying the goalie had given it a good effort…!?

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