The annual call for Wenger to take a bow out of the Emirates is not a new thing.

Fans have simply become dissatisfied with the French man’s insistence onequating the 4thspot of the Premier League log to a worthy achievement. And despite not being run on a deficit budget, they’re still forced to sell their best players almost.

It leaves one to wonder how he still mans the Emirates dugout. The answer is not farfetched. Starting from the fact that he has qualified them for the past 20 editions of the Champions League –something that isn’t much of a big deal though till you remember that the two most successful clubs in the league have made that the basis for not firing a newly hired coach.

Amidst the false starts of early season run at the EPL title and the imminent collapse come each winter break, The Professor has always found a stay-out-of-jail card by either winning the FA or League Cup and when he fails at the two, plans and executes a blistering run of form towards the season’s end and lands them a Champions League spot.

This is why an average fan will develop cold feet if asked to be in sole charge of the firing of the second longest serving manager in the history of the Premier League. The stability enjoyed by The Gunners is simply priceless when compared to the trial and error series being run in the North West of the United Kingdom.

However, an unfamiliar storm seems set to test the hold Wenger has on the club’s psyche. They are on the verge of missing out on Europe’s premier club competition for the first time since 1997. It’s pretty straight forward jury: if then one sunny side to the gloomy quarters of each season’s ceases to exist, getting rid of Wenger will be much easier this time.